Bicycle helmet: yes or no?

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Bicycle helmet: yes or no?

Children are quite vulnerable in traffic. They still have to learn to estimate the traffic and we can then better protect them optimally when they start cycling. They are still inexperienced cyclists and can sometimes make unexpected actions. It is therefore important that we help them to participate in traffic safely.

The choice to buy a bicycle helmet for your child is increasingly a subject of discussion, but not yet mandatory in the Netherlands. Fortunately, children's bicycle helmets are increasingly appearing in the streets. In rollerblading and skateboarding it is considered normal to wear a helmet, but not in cycling. Isn't that strange?

If you fall off your bike or have an accident, a bike helmet can often prevent injury. Children have a head-to-body ratio that is different from an adult and that is why they fall over even more easily in traffic. It is more difficult for them to properly assess traffic and they can only learn this by practicing a lot.

We think it is very important to encourage children to wear bicycle helmets. We recommend  wearing a helmet for at least the first thousand kilometers in traffic.

It is also important to choose a good helmet. Consider the following:

- Does the bicycle helmet have a recognized quality certificate? If you buy the helmet from us, you don't have to worry about this, all our helmets have this.

- Measure your child's head circumference. Add one centimeter to the head circumference and you have your bicycle helmet size. Bicycle helmets come in different sizes and are adjustable in size.

- Also adjust the straps properly for your child. These ensure that the helmet does not slide.

- Proper ventilation of the helmet is necessary to prevent overheating.

- Preferably buy a bicycle helmet new and replace it if it has had a big bang. If a helmet has had a previous accident, even if the damage is not visible on the outside, it can still show cracks on the inside.

In our range we have an extensive range of bicycle helmets for all ages and wishes. A helmet really doesn't have to be ugly and can even contribute to the experience and awareness of the dangers that traffic entails. Let your child choose a nice helmet and it will be worn with pride! The answer to the question “helmet yes or no?” is therefore a convincing yes.


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