How do I choose a good size children's bicycle?

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How do I choose a good size children's bicycle?

If you are going to buy a bicycle for your child and you want to do it online, one of the first questions that will come to mind is probably: "How do I choose a good size children's bicycle for my child?" In this article we will explain this in detail for you. We will also explain why it is so important not to buy a bicycle on growth.

We at Kids Love Wheelz offer children's bicycles in all price ranges. We have competitive deals for fun and trendy children's bicycles. However, what we find even more important is to look at safety and to respect the associated safety standards. For example, as economically responsible parents, we are quickly inclined to buy a bicycle for growth. We then justify this by buying a more expensive quality bicycle. However, this is especially not recommended for growing young children. Your child will then adopt an incorrect cycling position, which can cause back and neck complaints if used a lot. Something that is not recommended, especially for a growing child.

But what is even more important is that safety is compromised. Children instinctively brake with their feet. This means that they forget where the brakes are and put their feet on the ground to brake when you have to anticipate traffic situations. That immediately indicates how important it is that they are not on a bike that is too big. How important shortening the braking distance is will need no explanation. It could be the difference between an accident or not. We at Kids Love Wheelz therefore recommend that you always buy the right size for the safety of your child. There is a safe choice to make here for every wallet. Because if you buy a price range lower in the right size, the bike will also last less long and it will still cost the same. With us, safety comes first!

Choosing the right size children's bicycle is therefore essential and therefore very important for the safety of your child. We must therefore take this decision very seriously and it is leading for a safe purchase. We will guide and inform you in this so that you can make the right choice. Below we have added a clear size chart. This shows which age and height the correct inch sizes belong to. Height is decisive here and age is only an indication. Your child's clothing size can also help with this. The size stands for the number of centimeters that your child is tall. If you have the possibility, we recommend that you measure it yourself quickly so that you know for sure.

Determine frame size children's bicycle

Age              Height           Inches

2 - 4 years          94 - 104 cm                12 inches

3 - 5 years          100 - 107 cm              14 inches

4 - 6 years        105 - 110 cm              16 inches

4 - 8 years          110 - 116 cm              18 inches

6 - 8 years          117 - 122 cm              20 inches

5 - 9 years          122 - 128 cm              22 inches

8 - 12 years        128 - 140 cm              24 inches

10 - 14 years      140 - 152 cm              26 inches

If you still have questions or need help with your choice, we are here for you!


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