Balance bikes: the ultimate guide to making an informed choice

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Balance bikes: the ultimate guide to making an informed choice

Are you looking for a balance bike for your child? Let us help you make an informed decision. In this handy article you will find everything you need to know about balance bikes, so that you know exactly which bike is suitable for which stage. Whether you're looking for the perfect balance bike to develop balance and coordination or just looking for a fun toy, this guide will make choosing a breeze.

Walk, walk, walk the road with a balance bike

What exactly is a balance bike? It is exactly what it says: a bicycle without pedals. You simply put your feet on the floor and walk next to them. A balance bike is a combination of wheels, handlebars, frame and seat. Ready to go! Your kids will be up to speed in no time. So, get ready for a fast ride!

Why is a balance bike so important?

Because it's fun!

But not just for fun, of course. We want children to get the best start from an early age, and a balance bike is the perfect way to do that. It is a combination of balancing, walking, running, estimating and laughing. It is not only good for development, but also super fun! Your children will regard the balance bike as a toy and unconsciously work on their motor skills.

In addition, a balance bike is the ideal stepping stone to cycling without training wheels. Children who have ridden a balance bike for years have much less difficulty with their balance and therefore learn to cycle faster and better. While children who learn on bicycles with training wheels depend too much on this support and only learn to keep their balance later. A balance bike is therefore a smart choice for the future!

From what age can my child ride a balance bike?

It's never too early to start your little darling's motor development! But don't worry, you don't have to put a balance bike under a newborn baby. Children usually start taking their first steps around the age of one year. From that moment on it is time to look for a nice balance bike with three or four wheels. Thanks to the stability, they can focus on taking steps and learning to walk.

When your child blows out two candles, it's finally time for a balance bike with two wheels. The leg muscles are then strong enough to catch themselves and increase the speed. Leave the buggy at home and take your child for a walk on the balance bike, this is great for endurance and trains the legs to handle longer stretches. The balance bike is the toy of choice for an average of 2 to 3 years before they switch to an adult children's bike. Of course, this depends on how fast they grow. Do you want to have fun longer? Then choose a balance bike with adjustable saddle and handlebars!

What size balance bike do I need?

Are you looking for the perfect balance bike for your little adventurer? Then it is important to choose the right size! A bike that is too big can mean that your child has trouble getting to the ground and the risk of falling is higher. But a bicycle that is too small is also not ideal, because the legs often collide with the handlebars. Make it easy and measure the inseam! Have your child stand up straight with their feet 8 inches apart and measure the distance between the floor and their crotch. This way you have the saddle height for which you have to choose. Many balance bikes have adjustable saddles, so check the minimum and maximum seat height.

When setting up the balance bike, it is important to ensure that the legs are slightly bent, the upper body remains straight and the arms are slightly bent on handlebars that are not set too low. This will make your child feel comfortable and secure on his or her balance bike adventure!

What else should I pay attention to?

Looking for the perfect balance bike? Let us help you! Here are a few things to look out for when choosing the right balance bike.

1) Material; There are many choices for the frame material. Wooden balance bikes have a natural look and are durable. Plastic frames are light and strong. Aluminum frames are also light and strong, and will not rust. Metal frames are strong, but heavy and can rust.

2) Tires; Choose solid tires for indoor toys, or pneumatic tires for walks and outdoor play. Pneumatic tires absorb shocks better.

3) Brakes; Do not buy a balance bike with a hand brake for children under 3 years old, because they are not yet strong enough to use the brake properly. Please explain if you opt for a balance bike with a handbrake after the third birthday.

4) Security; Check the adjustment and adjust the bike for stability. Also check whether there are additional safety features, such as reflective tires and a steering limiter.

5) Fun!; Choose a balance bike with a nice color or nice print for extra fun and motivation! And don't forget to go out for adventurous rides with your child!

Do you have to choose between a super cool tricycle or a balance bike that is indestructible?

Let's see what the ultimate goal is!

If learning to cycle quickly is the mission, then the balance bike is the perfect choice. It is the best way to master balance. But be warned, with all the wobbling there is a higher chance of falls. On the other hand, with a tricycle you always remain stable on the ground.

If walking or a day in the city is planned, it is better to opt for a tricycle. It has handy push bars, so you don't have to keep an eye on things and you don't have to lift your child when they are tired.

Still doubting? Then ask your mini-me! Children can make choices at a young age, and it's good for them too. Give them responsibility and teach them about cause and effect.

To summarize:

Balance bikes are the ideal way to train your child to become a cycling fan! From their first birthday you can prepare them for the bike tour and that is of course great fun! But please note, of course you want your little one to cycle safely, so make sure you are aware of the size and adjustment of the balance bike. When purchasing, you look at the quality of material, tires, brakes and safety. Do you hesitate between a balance bike or a tricycle? Just ask your mini adventurer and give them some responsibility!

View our extensive range and let us know if you have any questions.


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